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Message From The Founder

The Founder

Message From The Founder

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

-Malcolm X

Indian National Public School strongly believes all round development of students is achieved in an environment where individual growth, free expression of thoughts and intellectual discourses are encouraged.

Indian National Public School Noida emphasizes on development of basic skills in primary classes. We foster the importance of hygiene, self-discipline and virtues through small instructional groups. The students find these basic skills developed at primary level helpful in attaining excellence and success throughout their educational career and later in life. We prepare our students embrace the academic and community challenges set forth by the society through rigorous curriculum of higher classes and dynamic educational settings.

We invite you to visit our school and experience for yourself the world of education, intellectual and artistic expression.

Mrs. Krishna Kapoor

Founder & Manager

School Governance, Management, and Leadership

The success of every school depends on the way it is managed. The Executive Body of the Society and Management Committee of Indian National Public School makes a valuable contribution to children's education, opportunities, and future of the school.

The Indian National Public School has a dedicated team of trustees working alongside and supporting the teaching staff. The Management Committee of school constitutes of some renowned, educated, and upstanding members of society who work hard to provide the much needed guidance and support as and when required. The governing society of INPS encourages teachers to continuously grow and excel. It sets high performance goals and provide regular support to teachers to perform and achieve the goals, be it academic or extra-curricular activities. The management oversees-

1 Clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction
2 Teachers' performance
3 The financial performance of the school and ensures that funds are well utilised
4 Advance planning for development of infrastructure and other facilities by budgeting the resources
5 Appointment of qualified and experienced staff
6 School's policies and goals
7 Safety and security of the school infrastructure and premises

Indian National Public School has set high educational standards and has earned a good reputation and respect in the locality.

Teacher Development

Teaching quality and School Leadership are the most important factors in raising student achievement. Teachers are to be as effective as possible. They continuously expend their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices.

Indian National Public School emphasises on planning engaging and productive lessons, and supports the effective learning for the need of the students. Formative assessment is also made to ensure pupilís progress. The feed- back techniques are also developed.

Enabling resources including educational charts, cubes, reference literature are available.

Smart Classes are also available with upgraded software.

Teachers are encouraged to participate in workshops and seminars organised by the CBSE on various subjects from time to time.