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Students Enjoy Well Rounded Educational Experience At Indian National Public School

School Bus


Teachers promote children's social and emotional health in many ways. In Indian National Public School all the teachers focus on building trusting relation ship and conducting intentional teaching to develop students' social and emotional health. The teachers adopt these techniques by showing warmth and affection to students. Respecting and caring for every child in the class. They accept and reflect children's feelings. Teachers use the children's story books and other activities to teach them several aspects of social and emotional behaviour.

Inter-House Competition

House System

Students are grouped in four Houses- Azad, Gandhi, Patel and Subhash, in order to encourage greater participation and a healthy spirit of competition through sports, academic, cultural and co-curricular activities and competitions.

Agra Trip


INPS school organizes picnics and tour every year. This year the students of INPS went on an educational tour to Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. School organized another picnic to Akshardham.



Sports instill qualities like team work, discipline, and healthy competition that are essential to succeed in the outside world. Indian National Public school schedule includes regular games periods. The school has spacious playground and facilities for sports. We encourage our students to participate in organized sports under the supervision of certified physical training instructor.

Chemistry Lab

Science Labs

Indian National Public School has fully equipped Chemistry, Physics, and Biology labs for students to have hands on experience of scientific concepts.

Computer Lab

Computer Education

Computer education is an integral part of our curriculum from Class I through Class XII. Students get computer lessons and hands on experience during regularly scheduled computer classes.

School Library


Our spacious library has a large collection of books on subjects, like Literature, Computers, Social Science, Economics, and Science etc. School library is instrumental in developing lifelong reading habit in students. Students get exposure to material and subjects supplemental to their course and textbooks.

City Model

Models and Projects

Indian National Public School curriculum is designed to foster imagination and expression of artistic and intellectual ideas.

Rakhi Craft

Art And Craft

Indian National Public School curriculum includes regular art and craft periods to enhance fine motor skills and creativity in students.

Music Class


Music inherently nourishes and inspires young souls and minds. Also students with musical aptitude are afforded opportunity and guidance to further their talents.


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