School Curriculum

Indian National Public school is affiliated to CBSE, and follows CBSE curriculum and CCE guidelines for continuous evaluation and broad based learning assessment throughout the school.

Curriculum Design, Planning And Review

The school curriculum provides all students with essential lifelong learning experience for development of ethics, intellect, physical, social skills and aesthetics according to individual potential, so that all students can become active, responsible and contributary members of the Society, the Nation and the Universe.

Indian National Public School curriculum helps student to learn through cultivating positive values, attitude and a commitment to life along learning and to acquire and construct knowledge. These qualities are essential for personal development to cope with the challenges of the modern age.

The curriculum set in INPS provide directions for teaching and learning through coherent and flexible frame work which can be adaptive to changes to the different needs of the students.

Curriculum Design

Class I to V Syllabus Prescribed by NCERT
Class VI to VIII Syllabus Prescribed by NCERT
Class IX to X Syllabus Prescribed by CBSE
Class XI to XII Syllabus Prescribed by CBSE


Curriculum Review

Management Committee of the school time to time review the performance of students with regards to curriculum of the school. The necessary changes if any are incorporated.

Teaching - Learning Assessment

Teachers help students to understand the topic instead of mugging up. The students need to be assessed correctly to gauge the learning level of the individual student. Indian National Public School uses different learning assessment strategies. The school follows productive learning assessment strategies to enhance their teaching learning process.

Theses assessment strategies are -

1 Open ended questions
2 Reflection
3 Quizze
4 Summaries
5 Single Focus
6 Recheck
7 Share
8 Group Activities
9 Peer Assessments
10 Frequency

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